For 2020

Welcome to the new decade of the 20’s.  As a congregation and as minister for the past 20 years many milestones have been accomplished, while at the same time we have experienced numerous setbacks.  Much like the Apostle Paul we have determined to forget those things which are behind while pressing on toward the mark of the prize set before us.  But it was the same Apostle Paul who taught that things written aforetime were written for our learning.  The conclusion of the matter becomes twofold in that we want to make greater spiritual strides while at the same time learning from our own past successes and disappointments. 

Please take about 30 minutes or less and provide feedback and your personal commitment in terms of how your involvement in P.G. will insure that the new decade will truly be a blessing for the congregation and the community we serve. 

     Serving with the expectation of heaven,


     Brother McClure


7800 Central Avenue
Landover, MD 20785



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